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We propose you as a reflection, that you make yourselves the following questions: Your company, as an organization, is aware of the knowledge that resides in each of the members of your human capital? Do you have tools to share and use that individual knowledge in the business goals? Is your company informed of everything you should know for its success in the market?

No one doubts that industrial society has given way to the information society. The companies, in this stage depend more and more on the quantity and quality of the information available for the company. But we should take a step ahead, because having the information does not necessarily mean knowing. It is necessary to discern the important information from the dispensable information and, it is necessary to develop systems to capture that key information where it is generated, to organize and maintain it, to be able to help users to find and share it: it is necessary to manage knowledge.

Our experience, with the proper tools and most of all a team capable of using their imagination to find the best solutions, is what we put at your disposal to help you to build the best knowledge management system for your company or organization.

We are aware that a knowledge management system has to be built step by step, knowing towards where we are going but planning a step by step path, with objectives to achieve in each step. Our services cover all the phases: locate and prioritize the needs, design the solutions, program the developments, training the users, the follow up … We offer an integral service.

Allow us to specify below some of the possible developments in your knowledge management system:

  1. Team working/Groupware

Analysis of the needs and implementation of the solutions in team working.

  1. Intranets by phone or internet, switched services

Imagine the delegation in Mexico, the sales person that is moving around in Cáceres and you at the headquarters, needing to share the same updated information of prices and products, trade policies, news about the sector, etc. Information that has to be captured in any of these locations, and, at a very low cost.

  1. Front-end" system of your transactional system

Management of the information supplied by the transactional system:

  • Automatic emission of messages to the responsible before specific conditions (products with stagnant sales, entry of new goods in the warehouse, exceeded risks, etc.),
  • Generation of automatic reports,
  • Automatic pro-forma orders,
  • etc.
  1. Sales force automation:

Daily management of your sales force regardless of where your sales agents are physically:

  • Visit plan
  • Visit reports
  • Expenses
  • Consumer profile and customer purchases
  • Management of client conditions
  • etc.
  1. Electronic circuit of tasks (Workflow)

Control and electronic management of workflows, documents and operations.

Electronical forms.

  1. Active presence in the network

The website of your company must be used for something more than advertisement: electronic commerce, orders and/or online reservations, information to share with your clients and suppliers, data for your sales agents, ... All of this in a secure environment.

  1. Documental managementl

Rationalization of the management and filing of documents:

  • Electronically controlled document life flow (creation, revisions, utilization, temporary file, definitive file).
  • Use of electronical media as a document support against traditional paper.
  • Fast access and consultation of documents.
  • Possibility for several users to work on the same document.
  • Use of word processors of your choice (MS Word, Word Pro, etc.)

Examples: quality manual, offers, correspondence, reports, projects, proposals, procedures manual. Etc.

  1. Human Recourses

Personnel policy manuals.

Information about staff teams:

  • Employee information: who is who (identification, training, experience, etc.)
  • Professionals of the competence.

Electronic circuits for authorization and control of holidays, days off, sick leaves etc., etc.

Suggestions mailbox.

  1. Communications

Internal e-mail

E-mail via internet

Discussion forums

Mobile office

  1. Interactive training, non- presential and non- simultaneous.

Staff training is one of the investments with the highest degree of return in the company:

  • Design of information systems, for the management of the information in the company, carried out by the company itself.
  • Design of training plans for job positions.
  • Programming of training actions, preparation of materials, didactic itinerary, training of monitors-consultants.


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